Posted: 4 months ago

Circle of Recipients of Compensation Expanded within Anti-Crisis Plan

The circle of employees who will get compensation has expanded even further - as part of an anti-crisis plan, the government has already amended the resolution.

Compensation will also be paid to those who have been hired for three consecutive months from July-December 2019 (as evidenced by the information provided by the employer under Article 154 of the Criminal Code before the end of the state of emergency) and have not received compensation from the employer until July 1, 2020.

According to another amendment, the employer will submit an application for the recipients of compensation at the database of the Revenue Service at each subsequent period, in automatic mode.

We would like to clarify that the information provided by the employer in the Revenue Service before the end of the state of emergency is considered to be submitted within the set time, if only the personal number of the employee is given incorrectly indicates the loss of 200 GEL compensation.

The Revenue Service once again calls on employers to provide information about employees by June 22, so that employees can receive the amounts of compensation they deserve.