Photo by Levan Maisuradze

Posted: 4 months ago

Mziuri Skate Park Nominated for ArchDaily 2022 Building Award

It was recently announced that a project created in collaboration with Davit Giorgadze and Maxime Machaidze, Mziuri Skate Park and Parkour Park have been nominated for the ArchDaily 2022 Building Awards.

The skate park and parkour park are located next to each other. According to the authors of the project, this way members of two different "tribes" can observe and communicate closely with each other.

The parkour park has a circular shape and it is a symbol of constant movement. The objects placed here create an imitation of smaller buildings and overall, this fragment evokes the association of a small town.

As for the skate park, it replicates the shape of the previously existing Vere River Canal here. In addition to the skate space, the park has a variety of interesting places for ordinary observers as well. First of all, it is a bridge that allows passers-by to explore the environment from a distance. There is an amphitheater located along the skate park. Here anyone can relax and enjoy the view. 

Voting for this project is available on the Archdaily website.