Posted: 5 years ago

Lilo Arena Autodrome to Appear in Tbilisi – Idea Agreed

Tbilisi City Hall website continues accepting ideas about the city development.

At this stage, the website has registered 66 current, 336 blocked, 865 failed ideas. A total of 20 ideas remain under discussion. Three ones have been already agreed.

The BusinessPressNews (BPN) offers one of the agreed ideas calling for arranging an automobile sports-educational complex.

“The project’s idea arose from the current unacceptable situation on Georgia’s highways – illegal street racing (because there is no friendly space for professional or amateur racers), low driving culture, increased number of road accidents (frequently with fatal outcomes), growing traffic jams, unprotected drivers, pedestrians and so on.

“In this situation it is necessary to shape a multifunctional training-entertainment and sports complex for various types of vehicles, where anybody will acquire new skills and knowledge, join entertainment. The complex will also train the driving teacher-instructors, under Georgia’s association agreement with EU.

The complex will have a special racing zones for arranging racing events to popularize healthy lifestyle and to redirect racers to special zones. The trained drivers will receive European professional knowledge and skills. As a result, they will be able to get jobs at both domestic and international companies.

The complex will be located on 6 hectares. The idea was proposed by Mevlud Meladze.