Posted: 5 months ago

Georgian Kharcho is One of CNN's 20 Best Soups in the World

CNN shared nominations for 20 of the best soups around the world, including Georgian Kharcho.

''Tart plum sauce called tkemali adds bright, zesty flavor to this traditional soup, which is one of Georgia's most beloved dishes.
It's made with unripe plums, whose sour note balances the richness of fatty beef and ground walnuts cooked into the soup. The aromatic kick, though, comes from the spice mix khmeli suneli, a blend of coriander, savory, fenugreek, black pepper, marigold and more,''CNN describes a flavor of the Georgian soup. 
In the article you will find Ukrainian Borscht, Spanish Gazpacho, American Gumbo, Japanese Tonkotsu Ramen, and many more.