Strasbourg Court's Decision: Violation of Convention on Rustavi 2's Case not Established and Suspension Mechanism Lifted

The European Court of Human Rights has announced the decision into the case of Rustavi 2 TV company.

Georgian Self-taught Artist Natia Macharashvili

Georgian self-taught artist, who was living in America from the age 3, is recently in Georgia.

Georgian Artist to Be Awarded with Michelangelo International Art Prize

Georgian artist, Natia Mkheidze was awarded with Michelangelo International Prize in Rome. 

Nino Kirtadze to be Representative of Georgia in Eurimages

According to the National Film Center, a film director, screenwriter and artist Nino Kirtadze will be the representative of Georgia in "Eurimages".

NBC Universal to Examine Film Making Potential in Georgia

Representatives of NBC Universals were hosted by Prime Minister of Georgia, Mamuka Bakhtadze today. 

Traffic Restrictions To Be Imposed Near Tamar Mepe Avenue

On the right bank of Mtkvari, on the ramp near the Tamar Mepe Bridge, the movement of vehicles will be restricted tomorrow, from 11:00 till the end of the year. 

Taking All Kinds of Tbilisi Public Transport will be Available with One Single Ticket

Traveling by public transport will be possible with one ticket in Tbilisi. According to the City Hall, this novelty is included in the transport reform.

Uzbekistan Airways to Make the First Flight From Tashkent to Tbilisi

Today, at 18:30 Uzbekistan Airways will make the first flight in Tbilisi from Tashkent.

B. & K. Aero to Book Charter Flights From Kazakhstan to Batumi

The first charter flight was made on 6th of July, 2019.