Paata Ghadzadze: We Have Compensated over 2 million GEL in Online

“Nothing positive is happening in the insurance sector, but I believe we should stay positive”, TBC Insurance director general Paata Ghadzadze told the Business Course, when appraising the COVID-10 effect on insurance industry.

Koba Gvenetadze: Removing the 200,000 GEL Top Margin May Bring Negative Outcomes

"I do not object that the 200,000 GEL top margin run on loans", Koba Gvenetadze, president of the National Bank of Georgia (NBG) told the Business Partner’s Four TV Program

Crisis Management Mechanisms at Major Companies

“Our IT group has tirelessly worked throughout the weeks to shape valuable digital operational environment for our staff. 

TBC Earns $10 Million from the Development of Digital Ecosystem

The recent development of the digital ecosystem is one of the main priorities of Georgian banks.

Bank of Georgia Prepared Emergency Action Plan at Early Stage and Prioritized to Shape Safe Environment

Bank of Georgia has prepared a business continuity plan at the early stage and prioritized to create safe and healthy environment, Bank of Georgia deputy director general Levan Kulijanishvili told Business Partner.

TBC Bank Turn Profitable in Uzbekistan in 2023

TBC Bank will become a profitable company in Uzbekistan in the third year of its entrance into the country. The bank’s managers have discussed the key financial indicators with Forbes Uzbekistan.

TBC Bank Launches Money Transfer Campaign

TBC Bank has launched a money transfer campaign that will last up to June 1. To participate in the program, clients should withdraw cash from TBC Bank through the online platform or by visiting the bank’s service center.

TBC: All Members of Our Team, 7,500 Employees Continue Operation in Safe Environment

Reducing commission costs, promotion of online education, assistance for the elder, expansion of digital technologies, digitalizing various services

Commercial Banks Record Losses of 943,130 million GEL

Georgia-based commercial banks are bearing losses. In March 2020, the banking sector’s losses amounted to 943,130 million GEL.