Posted: 1 week ago

Wizz Air Amplifies Flight Frequencies from Abu Dhabi to Kutaisi: An Impetus for Tourism and Business Growth

Wizz Air, in collaboration with the Union of Georgian Airports, has decided to increase the frequency of its direct flights from Abu Dhabi to Kutaisi Airport. Starting from the summer navigation season, flights will be conducted daily, with two additional flights each week on Thursdays and Sundays until the end of August. This decision represents a boost from the previous weekly schedule of seven flights to a new total of nine.

Irakli Karkashadze, the Director of the Airports Union, predicts that the escalated frequency of flights from Abu Dhabi to Kutaisi will lead to a surge in passenger traffic by approximately 30%. The move is also anticipated to notably enhance the number of international visitors from the Middle East to Georgia's Imereti region.

"This expansion marks the fruitful long-term collaboration with our strategic partner in the 'Let's Get Lost with Wizz' project," Karkashadze says. "Our business development team skillfully negotiated with the airline, achieving a considerable upgrade. Whereas by the end of 2022, flights from Abu Dhabi to Kutaisi International Airport were limited to five per week, we will now be seeing daily flights from 2023, with a further increase planned from the summer onwards."

In August 2022, social media content from bloggers and influencers visiting Kutaisi as part of the 'Let's Get Lost with Wizz' project garnered over 26 million views. Following Great Britain, Spain, and Austria, Georgia became the first country to implement such a large-scale and unprecedented project in Kutaisi and the Imereti region.

The Union of Georgian Airports, who released the information, maintains high hopes for the future of this expanding connection between Abu Dhabi and Kutaisi.