Posted: 1 month ago

The Project New Gudauri to Complete in 2024


The company Redco started to develop the project of New Gudauri in 2016. The Winter resort development plan includes 500,000 sq.m of the territory, which, consists of 26 buildings. One such hotel is 170-room Radisson, which is now under construction.

"The pandemic prevented new resort development pace, but we are trying to complete the project in three-four years.

We built only half of 26 buildings within a project.

This location of Gudauri will be a small holiday town with its internal roads, infrastructure, public facilities, clubs, and restaurants. Part of it has already been completed and there is already an internal infrastructure, swimming pools, and restaurants already function. 

None of the projects were suspended, the ongoing projects in Gudauri are in progress.", declared lawyer of the company, Malkhaz Kunelauri.

In 2019, Redco handed over the construction work to the company Anagi, which, according to them, is responsible for the building and quality Radisson Blue Gudauri and several other projects.