Posted: 5 years ago

Silknet in Partnership with Ericsson Implements New, 4.9G Technology in Geocell Network

Silknet enhances mobile internet network together with its strategic partner, one of the world’s technology giant – Ericsson.

Company highlights important news within the framework of this partnership:

  • In the central part of Tbilisi company commercially launched first in Georgia Gigabit LTE highest speed mobile internet network (4.9G). With this technology subscribers will get 7 times faster mobile internet at the speed of up to 1000Mb/sec.
  • Following important step of partnership is agreement between Silknet and Ericsson on large-scale works in all Georgia. These works cover implementation of hundreds of micro stations and installment of new base stations. As a result of these works  Geocell subscribers will enjoy the best quality 4.5G mobile internet service all over Georgia.

Silknet’s CEO, David Mamulaishvili: “It is our ambition to be the leader on the Georgia’s market in introducing the world class quality, based on latest technologies. We have signed an agreement with Ericsson on implementing of hundreds of additional micro sites and new base stations around all country’s territory.  As a result, we’ll cover all Georgia and will offer the best quality 4.5 G internet all over Georgia. According to the agreement with Ericsson the works will be completed in Autumn of this year. By this I can say, that we’ll practically end the long and important merger process with Geocell by delivering the best quality mobile internet to customers in all Georgia. We are already providing Gigabit LTE – 4.9G network to subscriber in central parts of Tbilisi. Compared to previous generation technologies, Gigabit LTE produces 7 times faster mobile internet, reaching up to 1000 Gigabit per second. In future, we plan to deliver this technology in whole Tbilisi, as well as in some big cities of Georgia.

Silknet is the first company in Georgia, as well as in the region, having implemented this latest technology - 4.9G (Gigabit LTE) in order to offer its customers the fastest mobile internet services.

Yaroslav Nitsak, General Manager Ericsson Ukraine Georgia Armenia, says: “We are proud to support Silknet in launching first commercial Gigabit LTE network in Georgia. This remarkable achievement demonstrates our joint commitment with Silknet to delivering a world-class network now and into the future. The road to 5G is paved with many milestones and commercial Gigabit LTE is one of them, allowing operators to deliver a superior experience with more bandwidth and faster speeds to their customers. On the other hand, based on the agreement between us, we are committed to further massive works in Silknet’s mobile network. The outcome of these works will be delivering the best quality 4.5G internet to its mobile customers.“