Posted: 1 week ago

Rehabilitation of Velistsikhe Begins

Rehabilitation of Velistsikhe begins. The project, with a budget of 430.4 million GEL, envisages the transformation of this small village in Kakheti.

It is planned to rehabilitate 50 houses on the central street, the theater, park, and adjacent streets. Together with this, the project also includes transforming rehabilitated houses into hotels, restaurants, wine cellars, etc.

ცენტრალური ქუჩა საფეხმავლო ქუჩად გადაკეთდება, რეაბილიტირდება ცენტრალური პარკი, პარკში განლაგდება მზის პანელები, მოეწყობა ფანჩატური, ტრენაჟორები, ბილიკები, განათება.

Arrangement of a skate park and multifunctional building is also taken into account.

As a result of the project implementation, the expectation of an increase in tourist flows in the village creates the need to arrange parking lots. Accordingly, parking lots will be set up for both large buses and cars. A place has already been selected - in the eastern part of the village, near the river Chermiskhevi.

It is planned to arrange a parking lot in the area, as well as a park in the future. The park includes open sports fields, an indoor gym, landscaping. A boulevard will be arranged near the river Chermiskhevi. Open parking and pavilion are designed.

The project is financially assisted by ADB.