Posted: 2 weeks ago

Coal Production Reaches One Million Tons in Four Years Due to Enhanced Mining Operations

Over the past four years, through comprehensive mine rehabilitation and enhanced working conditions, the rate of coal extraction has seen significant improvements. By the end of April 2024, coal production successfully reached the milestone of one million tons, marking a new phase of intensive reconstruction.

Mikhail Sotsky, the general director, shared insights on the journey: "Over these years, we've overcome numerous challenges and critically assessed all the phases of our development. We are immensely proud to have elevated our production to one million tons. Coal remains a sector with huge potential, particularly for the region of Tkibuli. Looking ahead, we have ambitious plans, including the completion of shaft reconstruction and the start of an inclined well construction, aiming to boost our annual production to between 850,000 and one million tons."

Continual upgrades and rehabilitation efforts at the coal mine have been underway for four years, during which wages increased by 84%, and working conditions were substantially improved. The mine now features a state-of-the-art traffic protection system, and personnel undergo regular retraining to ensure compliance with strict labor safety standards.

Under the leadership of the company's management, an advisory council with 75 members has been established to foster effective communication and involve employees in the decision-making processes actively.

Moreover, Saknakshiri is committed to fostering awareness among the youth about the mining industry and its opportunities. This includes organizing educational tours and meetings for students from Tkibuli’s secondary schools, as well as supporting studies in mining and geology at the Technical University of Georgia.

Saknakshiri also prioritizes nurturing a new generation of miners, aiming to double its workforce to 2,500 in the coming years, with 850 positions dedicated to engineering and technical staff, thereby ensuring the continuation of its legacy in the mining sector.