Posted: 3 years ago

Nino Motskobili: The Marketer’s approach to Project Planning has been Drastically Changed

An interview with Nino Motskobili, the Sales and Marketing Director at "Georgia Palace and Spa Kobuleti"

Tell us about how you got into the field of marketing, and what factors played an important role in choosing this profession?

It wasn’t my dream to get into marketing initially, I didn’t even know much about it. First, I in the field of  hospitality, when I first started to work as an administrator at a hotel, back in 2007. During a 24-hour shift, I always had enough time to learn more about the news in the service sector.

I wanted to do everything, an idealistic and correct. My intense passion for self-development and periodical promotions was a big responsibility, as well as a source of energy and motivation to learn even more.  I was interested in the experience of foreign, developed countries in this field. Nowadays, it’s very easy to get the desired information through the internet, and it only takes a wish. I don’t think I’m a marketing specialist yet, there is still more to learn, and I’m constantly working on self-development.

In regards to technological changes, what challenges do you face as the head of a marketing service?

Even though marketing practice is popular throughout the world, it’s not always understood correctly in Georgia. People often confuse sales, PR and marketing. In terms of technology, we really are facing big challenges, as there are no relevant marketing platforms that can satisfy company’s needs. Therefore, sometimes we have to prolong the terms of our activity plan. Processing information takes most of the time, so the analysis is delayed, in order to set goals accordingly. We fill the gap using foreign online technologies, although not all of them are available in Georgia.

What has changed in the field in the last 5 years, and what changes are expected?

First of all, digital marketing is at a very high-level. Unfortunately, not every company takes that fact into consideration, and they use old approaches. The user’s attitude has changed, too, in terms of purchasing. The number of touch points has changed too, social marketing has benefited, too, so that we are ready for changes.

Along with the improved lifestyle, customers increased the demand for simplicity, and most importantly, remote purchases. People have begun to live in the virtual world, in the background of technological development. It took over every field, and customers got used to simplified processes. Everything has to be convenient in the service sector.

The marketing approach has radically changed regarding the planning of the project, the need to consider return on investment (ROI), and the possibility of developing formulas increased. Another important novelty is marketing technologies, and the necessity of processing the database, which requires the appropriate competencies.

Gradually, it becomes more and more important to gather information together, the company's alleged work regarding different services and integration is one of the starting points. The future of hotel marketing is the merger of PR, sales, marketing and the revenue management service, as they are overly influenced by each-other’s results. Foreign experts have already come to the conclusion that the common goal is a priority, the specific discussion of the data of the particular department is secondary. If I follow this dictum, it will probably take us far, so I will stop here.

What important features should a marketing manager focus on, and what are their roles in an organization?

As you know, marketing itself is on a path of development, and in my opinion, an innovative vision is crucial. A Marketing Manager should be in search of news constantly, and one has to have good taste,  know how to use  technological tools. Of course, it is important to create a team spirit and leadership skills, which in turn creates a guarantee for the development of people employed in the team. Our employees are our future.

How do you help organization’s catch up with new trends and innovations in the field of marketing?

Our organization follows innovations and new trends. I'm really lucky in this regard, because I work together with an extraordinary team. I feel great trust from our leadership , which in turn increases the sense of responsibility.  We discuss any novelties together, therefore they are necessity.

What’s your organisation’s business model, in terms of marketing?

Georgia Palace and Spa Kobuleti is located on part of the Black Sea Coast, where people from Post-Soviet countries visited for treatment. We certainly use this uniqueness and our main focus is a healthy lifestyle, and healthy food provided by iyr expert Italian chef, who has a Ayurvedic center, unique in Georgia and treats such diseases as psoriasis and other skin problems, regulates nervous problems, is unique to improve weight, to regulate hair loss problems, as well as treat bone problems.

Most of our customers are Georgians, followed by guests from post-Soviet countries and Europe. Our guests are sophisticated, middle-aged people; the couples on their honeymoon, families who are able to relax, quietly, while children enjoy entertainment on the hotel's grounds, and the team tries to amuse people of all ages.

The most useful advice you’ve ever received in life?

In general, I attach great importance to the advice of the elderly; regardless of what they have achieved in life, everybody has something valuable to say. The unsuccessful will give you advice about their mistakes, while successful gives you a formula for success. Sadly, people  perceive their mistakes too late. So I always try to find my future self, and review it. It’s hard to name only one, but this is one   that affected me:  Look for a happy life, not a success, because being successful doesn’t mean you’re happy, being happy is already a success.

Think of a person who inspires you professionally.

My inspiration is every happy, successful person, who is happy with their life.