Posted: 5 years ago

Museum of Illusions to Open in Tbilisi – New Space for Visitors

A Museum of Illusions will open in Tbilisi soon. This will be a unique, interactive space with interesting visual and educational experience for visitors.

The museum combines optical, perspective and other illusion and puzzle rooms, where adults will be able to participate in didactic games. In other words, at this Museum you can laugh, scream, take photos, and do anything forbidden in other museums.

Natali Ananiashvili, the SARKE group Marketing Director, noted that the museum will open at Betlemi Street N10, and offer about 80 illusion-based exhibits to visitors. The Museum’s concept radically differs from the classical conception of a museum, and this is a new type of unique space for the public .

“Visitors are able to get information on human sight, perception and science through attractive and entertaining installations at the Museum. The space also includes a game room and a store of souvenirs, where visitors of all age categories are able to play games, compete with each other, learn new games, and buy original gifts, basically wooden gifts for memos and motility (didactic toys and puzzles), which develops and stimulates creative thought”, Natali Ananiashvili said.

The Museum is designed for all age categories and generations. The museum also allows visitors to hold birthday events for children aged 5-15. The birthday event program includes a tour of the museum, didactic games, puzzles and so on, Natalia Ananiashvili said.

The Museum also offers to host corporate events, meetings, presentations. It should be noted that  the Museum of Illusions is considered a rapidly growing place for education and  entertainment worldwide. They have been built in 14 cities, and in the future 8 new branches will open, including in Tbilisi.

“The Tbilisi Museum of Illusions is a part of global project on the Georgian market. The museum concept remains unchanged for every country. It represents exhibits equally in all countries. Only the sizes of the museum format differs.

In comparatively smaller museums, there is not enough physical space for all rooms or attractions. The museum’s space is 250-400 square meters. The Tbilisi Museum will offer a collection of represented exponents from its major space”, Natali Ananiashvili said.

This Museum will open in Tbilisi, because the country lacks locations where people are able to spend their days off in a pleasant and distinct environment.

“At the same time, there is much interest in Georgia in the tourism sector. Two key ideas, based on the domestic market and audience survey, have led us to open this museum. We needed the existing and successful model. Then we explored various samples, visited them and we contacted the authors of this idea, visited the Zagreb Museum, explored  the statistics of the country, and took the decision  to become a member of the Museum of Illusions. The general collection of the museum accounts for about 80 exhibits, and visitors are able to see the full assortment at the Tbilisi Museum. The collection is renewed on a permanent basis. All museums, including Tbilisi and other franchised locations , must follow these renovations and offer new effects and puzzles from time to time”, Natali Ananiashvili noted.

The visiting hours will be from 9 to 23 o’clock every day, she added.

Note that the first Museum of Illusions opened in Zagreb in 2015, following a 2-year preparatory process, a market survey, creating exhibitions. It turned out that the Museum of Illusions is the most rapidly-growing network worldwide, with more than 80 unique visual and educational installations, adapted to domestic and tourism segments from any age category. At this stage, a Museum of Illusions functions in a lot of cities, including Ljubljana, Vienna, Muscat, Belgrade, New York, Toronto, Berlin, Athens, Dubai, Hamburg and so on.