Posted: 1 month ago

Innovating Agriculture: A Conversation with Pellenc's Regional Export Manager

Pellenc, a French firm with a 50-year company, stands at the forefront of agricultural innovation, offering tools that have become essential for farmers worldwide. To understand how Pellenc has shaped agricultural practices, we spoke with Zoltan Sombat, the company's Eastern Europe Export Manager.

Pellenc's journey began in 1973 with Roger Pellenc’s invention of hydraulic shears. Progressing through the years, Pellenc now crafts professional, battery-powered tools for viticulture and horticulture, as well as harvesters and winemaking machinery that are central to modern agriculture.

What goes into the creation of Pellenc's innovative tools?

Innovation at Pellenc starts with listening to the farmers. After assimilating their feedback, our engineers design prototypes, rigorously test them in actual working conditions, make necessary adjustments, and finally release the finished product that makes farmers' work easier and more efficient.

Pellenc emphasizes sustainable agriculture. Why is this aspect vital?

Sustainability is crucial because it aligns with the long-term vision for agriculture. In countries like Georgia, with a strong viticulture heritage, ensuring environmental conservation is essential to maintain this tradition and support economic and social growth through wine tourism.

Why are modern approaches in agriculture important, according to you?

Modern approaches are key to drawing the youth into agriculture. With the growing reluctance towards physical labor, mechanization is the way forward, making agricultural processes easier and freeing up valuable time for farmers to focus on more critical aspects of their business.

How has the cooperation with Agrosphere been, as your representative in Georgia?

Our partnership with Agrosphere has been transformative. It has allowed us to introduce and persuade Georgian farmers of the importance of modern tools, pivoting away from dated practices towards a future of increased productivity and sustainability.

In conclusion, how do you perceive the future of agricultural innovation?

I see a bright future where technological advancements and sustainable practices merge to create a new era of agriculture that appeals to the youth, preserves our environment, and enhances productivity.