Posted: 2 years ago

Group of Digital Platforms Join TBC Initiative to Help Ukrainian People, and will transfer 3% of the proceeds from the sales of TBC Charitable Fund to help the Ukrainian people. As of March 5, 2022, 3% of the products purchased by consumers will be transferred to the Assistance Fund, and then transferred to the account of the National Bank of Ukraine.

Apart from financial assistance, digital platforms created several new services, use of which are free of charge.

A special upload form has been added to Mymarket. If a citizen is unable to deliver humanitarian aid to the Ukrainian Embassy, he/she can upload the information about the items and the address on the website. Courier delivery service of Mymarket will ensure to take the parcel to the embassy, after which the item will be sent to Ukraine along with other humanitarian aid.

Vendoo created a special section for those who wish to purchase different items to support Ukrainian people. The delivery of items to the Embassy of Ukraine is provided by the Vendoo team.

Myhome created a special platform for those who seek for shelters for Ukrainian citizens - for those who are in Georgia and due to the current situation can not return to their homeland. One can upload real estate information on the website, which will be provided free of charge to Ukrainian citizens for a certain period of time.