Posted: 5 months ago

"CLAAS Unveils the XERION 12: The Market's Most Powerful Tractor"

CLAAS, a leader in innovative agricultural equipment, has introduced its latest marvel – the XERION 12 tractor. This new addition not only carries forward the signature innovations of CLAAS machinery but also sets a new standard in the market with its unparalleled power and features.

The XERION 12 offers users a blend of increased profitability, enhanced power, superior comfort, and a range of auxiliary tools. We'll delve into these benefits in greater detail.

Enhanced Profitability and Maintenance Efficiency

Equipped with a Mercedes-Benz 6-cylinder engine, the XERION 12 is designed for both power and efficiency. Its engine reduces fuel consumption significantly. Additional functions and auxiliary devices minimize unnecessary tractor movements and maneuvering. As a result, the XERION 12 boasts an 8-10% lower fuel consumption per hour compared to its counterparts.

Maintenance is simplified with the XERION 12. For instance, oil changes are only necessary after 1,000 operational hours. To prevent overheating, the engine includes a hydraulic fan and a cooling system, easily activated with the touch of a button.

Powerful Performance and Flexibility

The XERION 12 embodies adaptability and robust performance. It operates at a minimum speed of 0.05 km/h and can reach up to 50 km/h, setting it apart from similar machinery. Remarkably, even at a slow pace of 0.05 km/h, the XERION 12 maintains high engine speed and power output.

Its design ensures even weight distribution, promoting smooth movement and minimal soil impact. The tractor's flexibility and maneuverability make it an exceptionally user-friendly machine.

Unmatched Cabin Comfort

Driver comfort was a key focus in the XERION 12's design. The cabin is spacious, with reduced noise and vibration levels. The comfortable seat, which rotates by 40°, expands the driver’s field of vision. These features collectively make operating the XERION 12 a less taxing and more enjoyable experience for the driver.

Advanced Support Equipment: CEMIS 1200 and CEMOS

The XERION 12 is equipped with CEMOS, an operator support system found in other CLAAS models like ARION and AXION. CEMOS enables drivers to manage operations more effectively, adapt parameters to varying conditions, and monitor engine power and fuel consumption. Consequently, the XERION 12 is more productive and environmentally friendly.

Additionally, the tractor features a CEMIS 1200 touch screen terminal, assisting drivers in creating detailed work plans. This includes GPS field mapping, section division, boundary setting, and scheme memorization. The CEMIS 1200's customizable applications and software packages enhance operational efficiency, particularly in fields with irregular boundaries.

Georgian users will soon have the opportunity to experience the XERION 12 firsthand. "Agrosphere," the official CLAAS representative, is set to introduce this groundbreaking tractor to the local market.