Posted: 1 week ago

Cheese of Gveso Farm to be Available in Stores and Online

Gvesos Farm established three years ago now unites up to 300 goats and produces a premium-quality product, which is in high demand.

Cheese aged in Usakhelouri, cheese with beets, rosemary, mint, bell pepper, or charcoal is sold in niche shops, online platforms, and already in restaurants.

"According to my information, we have the largest goat farm in Georgia so far. The competitive advantages of our cheese are its taste properties, production technology, and a wide variety of choices. The taste of charcoal, paprika, wax, honey, Usakhelouri cheese, or local spices tastes completely different. Bioculture and natural goat are easily recognizable for gourmets., noted Rusudan Kbilashvili, one of the shareholders of the Gveso Farm.

Currently, apart from the cheese, Gveso Farm prepares other dairy products for agricultural exhibitions.