Posted: 2 months ago

BDO to Offer Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Online Accounting Program

With the consequences of companies continuing work remotely, the business sector needs an online engine, with which the financial department will work effectively from home and managers will be able to control financial data efficiently. 

Thus, BDO offers businesses mini ERP system "Balance", which works on cloud - it gives the user access to the internet without any services and help of the IT team.

Balance is more than just an accounting program. Together with accounting, it also includes operational models of business maintaining and makes probable to operate stores, deport and supplying process.

Every employer can work in the program, who must have an access to registering the processes. 

The program has financial accounting, which corresponds with Georgian tax law. Also, the platform involves nearly 90 manager report, from which is possible to control daily processes.

The Balance works by the principle of SaaS (software as a service). Thus, it is not necessary to purchase the license - the payment occurs with the subscribing format, small monthly fees.

At this moment, BDO ensures every service related to the program remotely - introducing the program's functionals, training of users, examining processes of company business.

For further information one can see the official website of Balance -