Posted: 4 days ago

Agency for Innovation and Technology Opened a Tech Park in Ozurgeti

The Agency for Innovation and Technology has opened a Tech Park in Ozurgeti.Tech Park is a space where technological, educational and professional resources are gathered and is a platform for the development of businesses based on innovation and technology.

The Tech Park brings together people of different ages, directions and ideas and helps them use the Tech Park infrastructure to create innovative, technology-based products that will be competitive in both the local and global markets.

The purpose of opening Ozurgeti Tech Park is to enable local people, private companies, Ozurgeti Municipality or local self-government to use hitherto hard-to-reach technologies to develop their business and gain knowledge in the field of innovation and technology, as well as entrepreneurship. It is important to engage local youth and increase their knowledge of how to set up a startup, what stages they need to go through to grow a business and succeed.

The Tech Park has a universal laboratory for industrial innovation (Fablab) with the latest equipment: high-performance 3D printer, laser cutter, programmable machine, CNC machine, card printing router, 3D scanner and more. A laboratory space staffed with highly qualified specialists will assist stakeholders in modeling and prototyping.

In addition, the Tech Park combines a training center, co-working space for startups and freelancers, where it is possible, under certain conditions, to get a job to develop your own idea or startup. The space is equipped with all the conditions that contribute to the development of the startup.

The Tech Park will also have a conference hall, joint ventures for companies and other services that will create a unified ecosystem in the field of innovation and technology and contribute to the development of innovative ideas in the region.

This infrastructure contributes to building a knowledge-based economy in the country, creating a highly skilled and highly paid workforce, developing an inclusive economy, and mobilizing investment in the country.