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Inventory and Study Work Starting in 10 Castle Villages of Tusheti

Inventory and study works are about to begin in 10 castle villages of Tusheti. According to the Head of Government, some of Tusheti’s most ancient buildings are, unfortunately, either damaged or on the verge of destruction. At the initial stage, monuments will be inventoried and documented to be followed by …

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Tradition of Guda Cheese Production Comes Alive in Tusheti

“My greatest achievement is that I have revived an almost forgotten tradition. Now this will continue and nothing will hamper the process.” “Alaznistavi” farm is located some 2,100 metres above sea level in Alaznistavi, in the northeast region of Tusheti. Far from highways and spread out across traditional grazing grounds, …

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Gia Piradashvili Launches Production of Shantraba Beer

Gia Piradashvili has launched beer production. The product will be introduced to three restaurants in Tbilisi, in the near future, but currently, Piradashvili’s beer is available for tasting at the Piradashvilis Chateaus. This is not a cheap product, because its prime cost is high. The company makes accent on Georgian …

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First Large Hotel To Open in Tusheti, Omalo

New beneficiary Samzeo has joined the hospital industry development program. For the first time in Tusheti, in the village of Omalo, a 43-suite hotel will be constructed. The hotel is member of Preferred Hotels&Resorts international brand. The hotel will comprise premium restaurant, sauna, spa, lounge and any visitors will be …

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Pre-project Works of Tusheti Airdrome to be Done by May

The completion of the pre-project works of Tusheti airdrome is planned in May -says executive manager Ivane Petriashvili. According to Petriashvili, works had to be started in May, 2017 and completed in 4 months. Prior to this, Petriashvili said that there is a need to specify certain indicators in the …

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Internet is Already Available in 24 Villages of Tusheti and 4 Valleys

Internet is already available in 24 villages of Tusheti and 4 valleys. Project is implemented by  NNLE “Tusheti Development Fund” and international organisation The Internet Society (ISOC) co-operation. The project is supported by the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia. Giorgi Cherkezishvili, Deputy Minister of Economy and Sustainable …

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Internet Connection Arranged in 80% of Tusheti Settlements

“Internet connection has been arranged in 80% of settlements in Tusheti”, Ucha Seturidze, head of Association of Small and Medium Telecommunication Operators and representative of LEPL Tusheti Development Fund, told Business Course. Tusheti internetization projects will be finished soon. Four central and 3 auxiliary antennas have been installed. As a …

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New 100-bed Hotel to Open in Omalo, Tusheti

Levan Sulakauri, founder of Nabadi hotel, told Eugeorgia.info that this is an only big hotel in Tusheti. Nabadi Hotel will occupy a special niche contrary to local guesthouses. The hotel will make focus on high-quality services and maintain traditional-ethnographic style. “They rent 2-3-bed suites. One bed is rented for 25 …

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Amazing Photos of Tusheti


Tusheti is a historic region in northeast Georgia. Located on the northern slopes of the Greater Caucasus Mountains, Tusheti is bordered by the Russian republics of Chechnya and Dagestan to the north and east, respectively; and by the Georgian historic provinces Kakheti and Pshav-Khevsureti to the south and west, respectively.

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