Posted: 4 months ago

Ukrainian Tourists who Can't Return to their Homeland Stay in Georgian Hotels Free of Charge

The Government of Georgia continues to assist the citizens of Ukraine. Ukrainian tourists who are unable to return home at this stage will be accommodated in hotels completely free of charge.

On the instructions of the Prime Minister, the National Tourism Administration, in close cooperation with the private sector, has already provided assistance to more than 200 Ukrainian citizens. Ukrainian tourists note that they were contacted by the Georgian authorities in the first minutes and expressed readiness to help.

In coordination with the National Tourism Administration, the private sector across the country has expressed a desire to provide the hotel to Ukrainian tourists completely free of charge. A free hotline has been set up by the Tourism Administration to help Ukrainian tourists.

"We came to Georgia for vacation, we had been planning our holidays for a long time and suddenly events developed like this. We are very grateful to the Georgian people for supporting us in everything, both morally and in meeting our demands. We were placed in a hotel, we were greeted by ordinary people from all government agencies. We are very grateful to the Georgian people, you have a very kind heart, and thank you very much once again," said Vladimir Zaika, a Ukrainian tourist.

Tourists say the tourism administration has helped them a lot.

"The tourism administration has helped us a lot. To provide us with housing, we are left with virtually no money, no basic opportunities, and no help from our loved ones. Your support helps us a lot. We are very grateful, "said Ilona Zaika.

Tourists express their gratitude to the citizens of Georgia.

"People treat us in Georgia so warmly, unknown Georgians just came to the street and asked us if we needed any help. The government of Georgia found us accommodation, offered us several options, we had the opportunity to choose and we decided to move to Tbilisi, at least we will be close to the embassy. "Thank you very much for all this. Your support is very important to us and with your help, we feel safe," said Daria Paltovska.