Posted: 5 months ago

The Number of Active Startups in Azerbaijan Expected to Increase

While the number of active startups in Azerbaijan is over 100, it is planned to increase this number to 450 by 2026.

It should be noted that this was confirmed by Inara Valiyeva, Head of the Innovation and Digital Development Agency under the Ministry of Digital Development and Transport, at a meeting with the startup ecosystem last year.

So, when we enter Azerbaijan in 2024, it is planned to take serious regional and local steps for the start-up ecosystem. Active startups also according to him, close to 5,000 beneficiaries benefited from the activities of the organisation he led in 2022-2023.

Currently, there are 63 residents of the local technopark in Azerbaijan. Some of them are foreign nationals. However, increasing the number to 50 as soon as possible is one of the most important goals for 2024. The plans of the Azerbaijan Innovation and Digital Development Agency include the creation of 2 innovation clusters and 7 innovation centres in the country. One of our most successful ecosystem support activities currently in operation has been the Technest programme. The number of graduates has already exceeded 4,000. In terms of supporting the ecosystem, we aim to increase this number to 19,000.