Posted: 1 year ago

Payrails Initiative Received an Investment of $14.4 million

In a significant development for the fintech industry, Azerbaijani entrepreneur Orkhan Abdullayev, along with Emre Talay and Nicolas Thouzeau, founded Payrails in 2021. This visionary initiative has now received a substantial investment of $14.4 million to bolster their innovative platform, FinOps. Notably, Payrails has attracted esteemed investors such as General Catalyst, Andreessen Horowitz, and HV Capital, joining the venture to further enhance its capabilities. With EQT Ventures leading the funding round, the total investment raised by the startup has reached an impressive $20.8 million. Tedroid reports. 

Payrails aims to empower corporate clients by offering an all-in-one platform for payments and financial services. Designed to assist fast-growing companies, the startup's objective is to facilitate the seamless building, management, and scaling of payment acceptance and financial operations on a global scale. By utilizing Payrails' comprehensive API, businesses can streamline their payment processes and financial capabilities, including intelligent payment routing, unified cash transactions, and payment reconciliation. Furthermore, the platform enables companies to gain enhanced control over financial transactions, mitigate payment fraud, and track payment performance through integrated analytics. By simplifying the complex and fragmented payment landscape, Payrails supports businesses in adopting new payment methods, optimizing operations, and complying with regulatory requirements.

"We are thrilled about the exciting journey that lies ahead," expressed Orkhan Abdullayev, Azerbaijani co-founder and director of Payrails, following the injection of $14.4 million investment. "As we confront the multifaceted challenges of establishing, operating, and expanding payment and financial services globally, we empathize with the pain points faced by businesses."