Posted: 1 year ago

Lawyer Explains Procedures for Recalling Controversial Draft Law in Georgia

Lawyer Levan Alafishvili has shared his opinion on the recent decision of the ruling power to withdraw the draft law "On transparency of foreign influence" in Georgia. According to Alafishvili, the draft law adopted in the first reading cannot be recalled from the parliament, as the rules of the parliament do not recognize such a recall.

In a post on his personal Facebook page, Alafishvili explained the necessary procedures for rejecting the bill. He stated that both bills, the "Russian Kalki" and the "Transparency of Foreign Influence" bill, should be recalled from the Venice Commission. Then, the "Russian paper" should be immediately put to the committee or plenary vote and voted against.

Alafishvili further explained that there is no need for meetings and discussions, as the elected officials may gain time, roll over the protest, and eventually accept the summer face. He emphasized that the initiator of the draft law has the right, with proper motivation, to request the draft law to be adopted in the first reading at the plenary session of the parliament.

Alafishvili's post sheds light on the parliamentary procedures in Georgia and clarifies the legal steps necessary for rejecting a bill adopted in the first reading.