Posted: 1 year ago

Innovators in Baku Discuss the Changing Nature of Work

Around 40 experts from Azerbaijan’s private sector and startup ecosystem took part in discussions on the future of work, labor market demands, the importance of further modernizing education curricula and fostering innovation to ensure a more sustainable future – during an event organized by UNDP’s Accelerator Lab, and the Next Step Innovation Center.

During the event, a new regional report titled “The Changing Nature of Work” was presented. This report produced by UNDP’s Accelerator Labs from Azerbaijan, Bosnia, and Herzegovina, Serbia, Turkey, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan reveals 30 signals that shape the “where, who, how, and why” of the changing nature of work. From the impact of COVID-19 on the workforce to new work models and entrepreneurial ecosystems, the report explores opportunities and threats, as well as solutions that can be scaled up into positive answers to the challenges people around the world, are facing.

The full report is available HERE.