Posted: 4 years ago

HUAWEI's New Camera Receives Top Rating by BBC & Forbes

Up to 5,000 items of media coverage in six hours, the HUAWEI P30 series smartphones are in the spotlight of the world.

"A smartphone that gives the user exactly what he needs." "This is what the mobile industry has lacked” – media said of the HUAWEI P30 series smartphones. According to ‘Stuff,’ the configuration of the new series cameras is another step forward in the innovative world, definitely changing the rules of photography.

Fix the furthest away objects, even the Eiffel Tower in full scale and at the same time incredibly close: this is now possible with a 10x hybrid, 50x digital and 5x optical zoom, The internet journal Beebom YouTuber explains that "HUAWEI Company has been working hard on the P30 Pro's super-zoom camera; none of the flagships can be equal to its opportunities. It's a smartphone with the best camera."

"The HUAWEI P30 Pro's number of cameras, layout and deployment make it possible to take photos even with low lighting and greater distance, better then competitors’. Even minimum light is enough for the P30 Pro to capture stunning photos. It really changes the rules of the game in photography” Stuff wrote.

The HUAWEI P30 series even caught the eye of the BBC. CCS Insight's mobile analyst, Ben Wood, states "There is no doubt that the 5X optical zoom is a distinguished, magical feature that the company has acquired with SuperZoom lenses, the new L type periscopic architecture. The results of the first tests we conducted were very hopeful and if everything goes well, the innovative camera will make the P30 series really outstanding against the background of competitors."

The Daily Mail also reported about the HUAWEI P30 series, noting the assessment of Thomas Hasson, Forrester analyst: "By presenting the HUAWEI P30 and P30 Pro, the company clearly demonstrates its position as a technological leader, the best in photographic capabilities through artificial intelligence."

When it comes to poor lighting and zooming, Forbes finds the HUAWEI P30 series capabilities as “without an alternative.” Forbes analyst Ben Sin believes that "there is no competition: the HUAWEI P30 Pro is the leader." When compared to the IPhone XS, Samsung Galaxy S10 and LG V40, the P30 Pro model won in almost all categories.

"We can judge that the photos taken by all four devices look the same, but when we find ourselves in the worst lighting conditions, the leadership of HUAWEI P30 Pro becomes even more noticeable, to the level that the competition no longer counts."

HUAWEI introduced the new P30 series smartphones in Paris on March 26. With a completely updated, powerful and ultra sensitive camera system, HUAWEI P30 and HUAWEI P30 Pro drastically change the rules of photography.

In the HUAWEI P30 series, we meet a camera system created with Leica, which offers the ability to shoot professionally through the latest sensors and automatic image processing techniques.

The world's first, the HUAWEI P30 Pro created with its Leica and 4-core cameras, is equipped with a 40 MP ultra-wide view and 20 MP wide lens. In addition, the P30 Pro's camera system includes 8 MP tele-photo lenses and TOF camera, which measures the depth of the object at a higher accuracy. As a result, we get a sharper focus on the object, and the background becomes more obscure with the help of a variety of effects.

The P30 series also features the ability to unlock through an embedded fingerprint in the screen, wireless charging and reversible charging functions. With 40W's fastest rechargeable technology and powerful processor Kirin 980 with the 4200 millimeter battery, Smartphone is the best satellite for travel lovers.

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