Posted: 6 months ago

Azerbaijani Founder's Tailbox Venture Received $1.5 million Investment!

Azerbaijani startups are becoming more and more popular on a global scale every day. Thus, the Tailbox initiative, one of the founders of Azerbaijani Bayezid Malikov, received an investment of $ 1.5 million this time. The startup idea is completely different and interesting.

The MIT-based initiative allows you to explore the world with artificial intelligence. Founded by Bayazid Malikov and Eduardo Schuch, this startup found a solution to one of the most common problems people face with artificial intelligence. So with Tailbox, you will be able to plan your journey with the help of artificial intelligence.

"We don't just create a programme or a travel plan, we create immersive experiences that will redefine the essence of travel," says Bayazid Malikov. As we know, today people spend significant amounts of money on traveling. But sometimes, for that amount of money, their journeys are not very interesting. Different routes, complexity of information sources confuse travelers. Tailbox, however, stands out by optimizing the travel experience. An AI-powered guide helps turn trips into extraordinary journeys. The app aims to help introspective travelers delve deeper into the places they visit, enriching every travel experience by revealing lesser-known places. In other words, in line with your wishes, it suggests that places such as famous food, famous buildings, must-visit museums, restaurants, etc. may be of interest to you even if they are less known by analyzing them with artificial intelligence. 

It should also be noted that Link Ventures' seed investment amount is currently 1.5 million dollars. The initiative will focus on the development of the platform with the investment received. The Tailbox startup cares more about who you are and what you want than where and when you travel. Accordingly, artificial intelligence makes a suitable travel plan for you. The platform will enrich our travels with more innovative innovations in the near future.