Posted: 3 years ago

Zviad Kordzadze’s Barbales Marani Introduces Blackberry Wines in Sales Networks

Barbales Marani has introduced blackberry wines in sales networks. The product is also sold on online platforms.

In a couple of days, the product will appear in the Goodwill network too. As the company founder defense lawyer Zviad Kordzadze told Business Partner, this is one of the most interesting projects that have justified all expectations. “Blackberry wines are excellent products. We buy blackberries from domestic farmers. Initially, we bottled around 300 bottles. We plan to expand the production scales in compliance with the demand. As for apple and pear wines, we will introduce these products too.

At this stage, the taste properties of pear and apple wines are verified and tested. Blackberry wines will be sold on online platforms too that we have developed for sales of our products. The online platform trades in Barbales Marani wines and several other exclusive products. We also plan to cooperate with network stores too”, Zviad Kordzadze noted. The prominent defense lawyer established Barbales Marani in 2014 in Shindisi. The company bottles around 3,000 bottles of wines a year, including Otskhanuri Sapere, Tsitska-Tsolikauri, Usakhelouri, Khikhvi, Khvanchkara and others.