Posted: 3 years ago

Wines Made by Georgian Technology Included in OIV’s List of Special Wines

"The Wines Made on Dregs through Long Maceration” has been added to the OIV list of special wines. The corresponding decision was made at the OIV general assembly that was held in digital format on November 26, 2020.

So far, only 7 wines had been included in the OIV list of special wines: sparkling wines, carbonated wines, fortified wines, liqueur wines, sweet wines with residual sugar derived from grapes, 'icewine', flor, or film wines. The wine fermented on dregs through long maceration has become the 8th wine on the list.

OIV accepted Georgia’s proposal in 2017. Before making the final decision, the OIV workgroup used to examine the issue on annual basis. The corresponding information will be included in the International Code of Oenology Practice. Customers and the jury members at contests will be updated on special characteristics of wines of this category. This decision is of crucial importance for Georgia with over 8,000-year history and traditions of winemaking because the mentioned method of winemaking is associated with Georgia.