Posted: 3 years ago

Wine Under Otia's Ezo Brand to Enter Italy, France and Japan

Otia Ioseliani will export wine made in Otia Yard in Tskaltubo. According to Otia Ioseliani, the founder of the farm, Otia's Ezo brand wine will be sold in Italy, France and Japan.

"If before wine was sold to tourists, now a large share of the wine produced will go to the international market. At this stage, 3 types of wine (Chkhaveri, Otskhanuri Sapere, Tsolikauri) will be exported, ”said Otia Ioseliani at Business Partner.

According to him, the first batch, 200 bottles will be sent at the end of March.

As it is known, a cellar is located on the first floor of the writer's house-museum, where different types of wine can be tasted.

"Otia's Ezo" was founded in 2015 in the house-museum of Georgian writer Otia Ioseliani by his family members. Currently on the farm - citrus, corn flour, adjika, Svanetian salt, beans, honey and other products are made. According to Otia Ioseliani, he is an architect by profession, but the farm is one of his main jobs along with architecture.