Posted: 3 years ago

Wine Thieves Brand Wine Cellar to Open in Sagarejo

A new wine cellar will be constructed in Sagarejo in 2021, under the brand of Wine Thieves, Givi Apakidze, co-founder of Wine Thieves winemaking company told Business Partner TV program.

At this stage, we are selecting a corresponding land in the village of Manavi, Sagarejo District. By the end of 2020 the company will buy a 1 hectare of land to arrange vineyards and wine cellar for tourists, the businessman noted.
“Tourists will be able to get acquainted with winemaking traditions, starting from winegrowing ending with winemaking”, he noted.
At this stage, the company produces 4 wine varieties under the Wine Thieves brand: Tsolikauri, Rkatsiteli, Rachuli Tetra, and Saperavi. As noted by Givi Apakidze, 80% of wines are exported and the remaining part is sold at domestic wine houses and bars, including Jivino, 8000 Vintage, and so on.
As for export countries, Wine Thieves export wines to France, the USA, and Czech Republic. In France, the product prices are EUR 30-35.
The company buys part of grapes from local farmers. At this stage, the company’s annual output is 6,000-6,500 bottles.
Wine Thieves company was founded in Tsinandali in 2015 with the aim to popularize a production of ecologically clean products among farmers, asset them in branding wines and distribution.