Posted: 3 years ago

Wine Ness - Saperavi that Tells your Message

Two 20-year old, International Relations and Political Science students David Migineishvili and ana Kurdadze founded Wine Ness. They let the wine speak our message. 

For example, labels on the bottle include: “Should Have Kissed You Longer”, “Drunk Enough To Say Love You”,  “I Like You More Than I Planned”

These are the labels from their ''For Lovers'' line, but in addition to the romantic content, we also find some fun labels: "Jesus touched my water", "wine is the answer! What was the question? ”etc. Customers can also design their own label and put it on the bottle itself.

 Often people find it difficult to say things directly, share emotions, tell each other what and how they feel… Often we are all on the right side of the page… Wine Ness is a wine that suits absolutely every situation and is itself - “what happens next,” There has never been Saperavi yet, that tells your message - David. Migineishvili.

As for their plans, they want to turn it into a bigger adventure- starting from vineyards to opening their own bar. In the nearest future, they plan to add ''Tvishi'' wine. 

Wine Ness can be purchased by individual ordering - on-site, as well as at 64 Barnovi - Ziliko wine bar.