Posted: 1 month ago

Wine Agency Hires Colangelo & Partners for Georgian Wine Marketing Campaign in US

Colangelo & Partners will lead the Georgian wine marketing campaign in the United States. National Wine Agency will organize and financially support the marketing campaign.

Colangelo & Partners is one of the largest marketing companies operating in the US market for more than 14 years.

"In 2022, within the framework of the Georgian Wine Marketing Campaign, organized by Colangelo & Partners, the Georgian Wine Marketing Campaign planned in the United States includes strategic directions that should ensure the awareness of Georgian wine and increase the demand for Georgian wine in the US market. The campaign includes active communication with media outlets, seminars, webinars, training events, and sales promotion activities.

It is noteworthy that Georgian wine is becoming more and more popular in the American market, more and more consumers are tasting it, pitcher wine is especially popular, ”the agency explains.

The agency notes that given the growing trends in wine consumption, the United States is an important and strategic market for Georgian wine exports, wherein 2021 the historical maximum of exports - is more than 1 million bottles of wine. At the same time, the US market is one of the most valuable segments for Georgian wine, where the price of one liter of Georgian wine exceeds 6 USD.