Posted: 1 year ago

Why Georgian Wine Didn't Make it to RAW WINE Festival

The Morning Claret published an article on the unforeseen occasion of RAW WINE Georgian wine presentation at the wine festival in Berlin, Germany.

The author of the article, Simon Woolf, explains the reasons for the delay in the shipment of Georgian wines.

The article published in the online edition says that the Georgian press and social media outlets spread false information and blamed the National Wine Agency for the delay in the shipment. However, according to the chairman of the agency, Levan Mekhuzla, the cargo was sent from Georgia on time, however, the German customs stopped it for inspection and the wines remain there until now.

In the article, Simon Woolf mentions that despite this obstacle, Georgian wines were still presented at the exhibition and this fact did not prevent the festival.

"Despite the difficult and stressful situation, Georgian winemakers are grateful for the support of the National Wine Agency," writes the online publication The Morning Claret.