Photo: Tbilvino

Posted: 1 year ago

"We will Spend ₾14 Million from the Budget to Promote Georgian wine"

The Minister of Environment Protection and Agriculture, Otar Shamugia, spoke about the indicators and potential of Georgian wine export in the "Business Partner" program.

The minister noted that last year's record wine export rate will increase even more this year.

"The increase in export figures is the result of the fact that we are actively working to plan as many events as possible in those priority markets, where our goal is to promote Georgian wine. Next year, only from the budget, 14 million GEL will be spent for the promotion of Georgian wine in many countries of the world, including the United States of America, the European market, and China. In this direction, we are actively starting activities in South Korea.

It should be noted that we have an approximately 40% increase in exports to the American and Japanese markets. Accordingly, there will be more support from our side in order to make Georgian wine more popular; We will help the entrepreneurs even more so that they can export more products from the country", Otar Shamugia said.