Posted: 1 month ago

"Wasserstrasse" Unveils a Fusion of Georgian Tradition and European Flair in Tbilisi

Just three months into its launch, the new wine and gastro space "Wasserstrasse" is making waves in Georgia's culinary scene. Founder Maia Morgoshia shared insights into this unique establishment with "Women's Narrative," highlighting its blend of modern aesthetics, sumptuous cuisine with Georgian influences, European presentation, and an extensive selection of Georgian wines.

"Wasserstrasse" prides itself on personalized service and hospitality, catering to a wide array of events including tastings, literary evenings, masterclasses, and more. Central to its mission is the celebration of Georgian culinary heritage and viticulture, offering both locals and international visitors an immersive experience in the pairing of Georgian wines with traditional dishes.

The venue itself is a testament to architectural harmony, featuring two interconnected halls through arches – a restaurant and a wine tasting space, complemented by a wine rack, a section for wine and bar accessories, and a cozy bar area. The interiors, adorned with a distinctive blend of brick and flat stone, echo the authenticity and rich history of "Wasserstrasse."

Housed in a heritage building from 1915, crafted by a collaborative effort of Georgian and German architects on Gorki Street, "Wasserstrasse" adds a layer of historical allure to its modern appeal. With a capacity to welcome 70 guests simultaneously, the gastro space is serviced by a dedicated team of seven, ensuring every visit is memorable.

With around 130 varieties of wine on offer, "Wasserstrasse" stands as a testament to Georgia's rich wine culture, offering a sophisticated environment where tradition meets contemporary elegance.