Posted: 5 months ago

Viticulturists Already Received 8.6 Million from the Sale of Grapes

The vintage is entering an active phase in Kakheti.

At the moment, within the framework of "Harvest 2020", 8,500 tons have been processed, mainly early grapes of different varieties. These types of grapes are mainly intended for making sparkling wines and brandy.

The income of the viticulturists from the sale of the already sold crop is 8.6 million.

At this stage, 160 wine companies are registered in the Vintage Coordination Headquarters, and 30 wineries are involved in the grape processing.

60 million GEL will be spent from the budget for the vintage subsidy this year.

The government has decided to subsidize Rkatsiteli and Kakhetian Mtsvane grapes.

The subsidy will be given to the wine company, which will purchase and process at least 1000 tons of Rkatsiteli or Kakhetian Mtsvane grapes grown in Kakheti region.