Posted: 3 years ago

Vintage in Kakheti Region Is In Process Without Any Interruptions

As of September 5, up to 11,000 tons of grapes were processed in Kakheti.

Davit Tkemaladze, Deputy Chair of the National Wine Agency got acquainted with vintage in Signagi and Dedoplistskaro municipalities and visited several small wine cellars that are starting to produce and market wine now.

In the village of Old Anaga in Sighnaghi, the wine cellar "Anagureli" will process the first harvest this year. "Anagureli" was opened as a result of the restoration of the historical cellar which has a hundred-year-old Qvevris. The cellar purchased grape processing equipment with the support of NNLE Agriculture and Rural Development Agency. The wine cellar is currently capable of processing 80 tons of grapes. The Nasrashvilis Cellar in the Dedoplistskaro municipality has been harvesting for the second year and is planning to export wine to Europe this year. The "Nasrashvilis Cellar" produces wine in both traditional Georgian and classical methods. Both wineries process both rare grape varieties purchased from growers and their own varieties harvested in their own vineyards and, along with export markets, are focused on developing wine tourism.

According to Davit Tkemaladze, with the support of the state, the number of small wine cellars in the Kakheti region has increased several times in the recent years and now counts over 500 in Kakheti only, indicating that the winemaking industry is moving in the right direction, following the example of developed European winemaking countries.

"Despite the events of late June 2019, when the decline in the largest export market of Georgian wine and the expected Russian imposition of sanctions on Georgian wine imports could have a negative impact on private sector activity, The National Wine Agency, together with the Ministry of Environment Protection Agriculture and the winemaking industry, worked hard to ensure that the population would not have problems with grape sales and that the vintage would be processed without interruption in Kakheti. Vintage in Kakheti will reach its peak in about a week, ”- noted David Tkemaladze.

This year about 200-250 thousand tons of grapes are expected in Kakheti. Vintage 2019 Coordination HQ was located in The Wine Hotel Telavi (97 Alazani St.) in Telavi. The HQ operates 24 hours a day for active communication between state agencies, entrepreneurs and growers. Interested parties can obtain vintage information at the Ministry of Environment and Agriculture hotline - 1501.