Posted: 1 month ago

Vintage First: Enthusiasm Gained from Our First Vintage will Follow us Every Harvest

Vintage First appeared on the Georgian market. The union of small cellars presents 4 types of wine made from Kartli and Kakhetian grapes.

As Erekle Paichadze, co-founder of Vintage First, told Business Partner, they produce a mixture of classic, European-style Chinuri and Goruli Mtsvane in Kartli; Tavkveri - red grape variety; Rose, made from tavkveri, Chinuri and Goruli greens; Kakheti produces Rkatsiteli and Buera blends - this is 85% Rkatsiteli and 15% Buera.

"Buera is a rare grape and very few companies make wine from it. We wanted to make an experiment and it turned out well. Kakhetian is made in the traditional way, it is amber wine.

Also, this year for the first time we made pet-nat, sparkling wine. It is a different technology and is becoming very popular in Tbilisi. We did it in small quantities for the first time and it came out so good it was no longer there in a few months. We are going to increase the number, "Erekle Paichadze said.

Vintage First produces up to 7,000 bottles of wine at this stage. The sale takes place in Tbilisi wine shops and bars. We are planning to enter Batumi and start exporting our wines in the future.

"The wine festival, which was held a few days ago, helped us a lot. There were offers from wine-loving international visitors who are well acquainted with Georgian wine and have experience in exporting it to their own market. They were mainly from Sweden, Lithuania, and the UK. "The wines they liked and sold in their market. They were very interested in us and I think we will receive an offer in the near future. The Slovak ambassador also expressed an interest," said Erekle Paichadze.

According to him, production will increase from September.

"We also plan to make Kvareli Saperavi. Our goal is to have maximum diversity and not just look at a few types of wine.

Three friends make wine together. When we were studying in the agrarian sector, we wanted to unite different cellars. For a wine lover, the first vintage is special. The first vintage stands with all special enthusiasm. The enthusiasm gained from our first vintage will follow every harvest. All other subsequent harvests will be our first. We have put the name of the wine under this idea," said Erekle Paichadze.