Posted: 4 years ago

US Cities to Host Wine Tasting for Georgian Winemaker Women

Wine tasting for Georgian winemaker women will be held in New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco. Keto Ninidze, one of the participants of the wine tasting told BM.Ge that the exhibition-tasting will be held from march 9 to March 15 and five Georgian winemakers will participate in it.

„Wine tasting will be held in those wine bars, restaurants and wine stores, which were the first ones to popularize Georgian wines in the USA. They are: Brumaire, Wildair, Uva wine & spirits, Astor wine & spirits and so on. This is a long list. Tasting will be held by wine professionals”, Oda company founder Keto Ninidze said.
Along with ODA, GOGO Wine of Keti Berishvili, Tamuna Wine of Tamuna Berishvili, Marina Wine of Marina Kurtanidze and Freya’s Wine Cellar of Enek Paterson will also participate in the wine tasting in the mentioned cities.

“Three varieties of wines will be introduced for the wine tasting: Shishveli Ojaleshi, Dzelshavi and Orbaluri Ojaleshi”, Keto Ninidze said.
Oda wines were introduced to the US market 2 years ago. The price per bottle makes up 25 USD. Keto Ninidze exports products to Japan, Germany and Israel too.

The ODA founder told BMG that the company has huge plans and its wine will be exported to Great Britain and Poland in autumn 2019.