Posted: 1 year ago

Twins Wine House Exported 5,000 Bottles of Wine to France

"Twins Wine House", which has been producing Kvevri wine for 25 years in Kakheti, namely in Napareuli, expanded its sales market this year and entered the markets of Sweden, America and France. The founders of the company, Gela and Gia Gatsulashvili, spoke about this on the air of the "Forbes Sunday" program.

According to them, 5,000 bottles of wine introduced to the French market were successfully sold, which almost doubled the amount of the next order - in a few days, Twins Wine House will send 9,000 bottles of Kvevri wine to France.

"The pandemic hindered us a little, but still a lot has changed, 2022 turned out to be a particularly successful year - we entered the Swedish market, where we have a serious partner, as well as the American market, where important activities are underway and we can say that sales are growing very much.

The most important thing is to enter the French market, as you know, France is one of the important wine-producing countries, so starting operations here is quite a big step forward for us - at the first stage, we exported 5,000 bottles of wine, which were successfully sold, and the new order almost doubled - we will send 9,000 bottles of wine in a few days. ", - said Gela and Gia Gatsulashvili.

In 2022, the wine of Twins Wine House, Kakhuri Green, won a bronze medal in the international decanter competition.

The company made its first export of wine to Japan in 2008. As the Gatstulashvili brothers themselves say, according to family traditions, from the beginning of production until today, the main line of the company, i.e. 95% of the production, is the production of Kvevri wine and its promotion on the local and export markets. Today, winemakers produce 500,000 bottles of wine annually from Saperavi, Rkatsiteli, Kisi, Khikhvi and Kakhuri green grape varieties, and from their own vineyards planted in the Napareuli microzone, they squeeze small volumes of certified organic wine, a certain amount of which goes to the USA.