Posted: 2 years ago

Tsarapi - Sakpatenti Registered a New Appellation of Origin for Wine

National Intellectual Property Center of Georgia registered new wine - Tsarapi to Protected Designations of Origin.

IPCG examination confirmed the specific quality of this wine, which is due to the geographical area and zone, processing of grapes, the rule of making wine, the link between the specific quality, reputation of wine, the geographical area, and other characteristics. 

The “Tsarapi” micro-zone is located on the administrative territory of village Kardenakhi, Gurjaani district. Wine “Tsarapi” is made from grapes of Rkatsiteli variety harvested only in the Tsarapi micro-zone, to which grapes of up to 15% Kakhuri Mtsvane and/or Khikhvi variety may be added. The use of other varieties is not admitted. 

It is noteworthy that “Tsarapi” is made only from ripe grapes. The complete specification of “Tsarapi” is available at the following link: