Posted: 1 month ago

The Bank of Georgia Partners with GK Winer Cellar for a $550,000 Investment in Kakheti

The Bank of Georgia, renowned for its commitment to fostering regional business development, has continued to actively facilitate new ventures.

The latest accomplishment is the inauguration of the "GK Winer Cellar" in the village of Nukriani in Kakheti, a joint venture between the bank and the company "GK Winer Cellar".

The expansive winery occupies 632 square meters, with a total investment summing up to $550,000. Of this, the Bank of Georgia's contribution under the 'Produce within Georgia' initiative amounts to $230,000, GK Winer Cellar while has invested $320,000.

At the GK Winer Cellar, six varieties of dry wine are produced in its 46 vats and stainless steel cisterns, using traditional techniques. The production highlights endemic Kakhuri wines such as Rkatsiteli, pink Rkatsiteli, Kisi, and Saperavi. From these vineyards, the company produces white, amber, rose, and red dry wines.

The company, GK Winer Cellar owns the "Dergi" cellar and restaurant, spreading across 2,602 square meters. The restaurant, equipped with a tasting cellar, regularly hosts international wine tours, offering a glimpse into the rich variety of Georgian wine and traditional Kakhuri cuisine. The "GK Winer Kisi" and "Saperavi" were honored with silver and bronze medals at the Georgian Wine Expo 2023. This year, the company marked its presence at international wine exhibitions held in London and Seoul. Currently, the wine is sold domestically, with ongoing negotiations for future exports to several European and Asian countries. The company also plans to diversify its range of grape varieties and introduce semi-dry and semi-sweet wines in the upcoming harvest season. Given the growing interest in high-alcohol drinks, Jikei Weiner intends to commence the production of brandy and chacha, shared Eka Rukhadze, the Director of Jikei Weiner.

Nino Aptsiauri, head of the corporate sales sector of the Bank of Georgia's corporate customer service department, expressed her satisfaction about contributing to the growth of an already thriving business with an intriguing history. The Mchedlishvili brothers initiated the mass production and export of wine in the early twentieth century, and their descendants have continued this legacy. In 2021, Eka Rukhadze, a fourth-generation descendant, founded "GK Winer", focusing on traditional Georgian wines made from local, endemic Kakhuri grapes. The company is committed to job creation, particularly for local young people, with 90% of its employees being locals. GK Winer's future endeavors include expanding wine production, increasing the assortment, and establishing strong relationships with international markets for export purposes.