Posted: 10 months ago

Teliani Valley Breaks Into German Wine Market with Innovative Branding and Traditional Flavors

Georgian winery Teliani Valley is making international strides, solidifying its global footprint with the opening of a new representative office in Berlin, Germany, under the name Teliani Europe GmbH. Operational since 2022, this German extension is spearheading the distribution and promotion of Georgian wines in a market where approximately 50% of the wine assortment is imported.

Teliani Europe's diverse portfolio encompasses the high-end Teliani Valley Winery 97 line, along with the Glekhuri series of traditionally barrel-aged wines. Notably, these selections have already secured shelf space in Berlin's most prestigious retail establishment, KaDeWe, as well as specialty wine stores and the Horeca sector.

In a strategic partnership with Germany's "Wine and More" agency, Teliani Valley has also successfully introduced two localized brands: 8K Ancient Red and Georgia Gorgeous. These wines are available in over 1,000 outlets of some of Germany's largest retail chains, including Lidl, Rewe, Edeka, and Tegut.

The 8K Ancient Red brand takes inspiration from Georgia’s rich 8,000-year winemaking history. Designed with eye-catching, memorable packaging, the wine features Saferavi grapes, light red fruit aromas, gentle tannins, and a prolonged finish, curated to suit the German palate.

Conversely, Georgia Gorgeous aims to acquaint German consumers with two staple Georgian wines: Saperavi and Rkatsiteli. The wines, aptly named Georgia Gorgeous Red and Georgia Gorgeous White, feature a traditional Georgian pitcher on their labels, serving both as an aesthetic and educational tool.

"The German market is of immense significance to global winemakers. The steady per-capita consumption rate and a growing interest in foreign wines make Germany an essential destination for wine-producing countries like Georgia," said industry experts.

The propelling success of Teliani Valley in the German market can be attributed to a harmonious blend of quality wine selection and meticulously crafted packaging. The winery collaborated closely with German marketing strategists and wine professionals to ensure a product range that would resonate with local consumers.