Posted: 1 year ago

Tbilvino Received a Loan of ₾12 Million from the EBRD for New Projects

The agreement was signed by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, TBC and Tbilvino. With the trust and support of these financial organizations, a loan of 12 million GEL was allocated for the further development of Tbilvino.

"Tbilvino" has a 22-year business relationship with TBC. Also, the company has experience of cooperation with other international financial institutions. In 2011 and 2013, the International Finance Corporation (IFC) contributed to the growth of its capital with a loan.

Increasing competitiveness and making important breakthroughs in the wine sector - within the framework of the new credit package, "Tbilvino" has set these goals. More specifically, the company's plan includes the construction of a grape farm, the purchase/establishment of a new high-tech production line, and the cultivation of vineyards of endemic Georgian grape varieties.

From next year, "Tbilvino" is starting to build a wine farm in Georgia using a unique method, which implies compatibility with the EBRD's environmental policy, construction with natural, ecological materials and traditional methods.

"Different Georgian varieties of Kvevri wine will be produced in the kvevri located here. In the same building, a reception space for guests will be planned, where it will be possible to taste wine, spend a pleasant time and organize various events", says the director of the company, Zurab Margvelashvili.

The third project is the direction that the company started in 2013 and continues to develop in a planned and consistent way - the cultivation of vineyards with unique Georgian grape varieties using the drip irrigation system.

"Tbilvino" manages the entire production chain, which ensures the best quality of wine. We planted the first vineyard in 2013, and today our own vineyards (405 ha) are located in the best microzones of Kakheti, in Kindzmarauli, Mukuzan and Tsinandali. For the last decade, we have been paying special attention to the rarest Georgian endemic breeds. In 2022, we created Kvevari Mtsvivan, and in 2023, we are going to produce such interesting wines with grapes from our vineyards, such as Rose Rkatsiteli and Budeshuri Saperavi. We are glad that with future projects we will bring even more recognition to Georgian wine and honorably continue the 8000-year-old tradition of wine," says company director Zurab Margvelashvili.