Posted: 4 years ago

Student Businessman that Revitalized Rachian Tetra into Ghvinuka

Zuka Maisashvili is a student of Agrarian University in Tbilisi, but he has already managed to launch a production of rare dry wines of Racha, one of the most in-demand wines on the market. Zuka has arranged a wine production in his native region of Racha,

I started thinking of my own business in my school years. I wanted to continue the business of my ancestors and launch family wine production in my native region, but financial resources created key problems in my efforts, even more so I was an underage person, Zuka Maisashvili noted.

The Yes-Georgia project turned out a decisive moment for the young startuper. Having joined the project, Zuka Maisashvili became a student of School of Young Entrepreneurs established under the Yes-Georgia project and obtained financial component for Ghvinuka enterprise.

Having finished the secondary school, I have decided to launch my own business, but this was not a simple affair, because I did not have starting capital and being a underage person I could not take a bank loan. Moreover, I did not have enough knowledge I this business’, the young businessman noted.

Specific outlines of the business appeared in 2017 when he discovered that only semi-sweet wines were produced in Racha that are less interesting product on the global market.

“Moreover, about 70 various endemic vines grow in Racha and they cannot be tasted in Georgia and even vineyards these varieties do not grow of. Therefore, I have decided to found Ghvinuka company and revive those forgotten endemic verities. Only several plants of them have survived. At the same time, my ancestors also inspired me, who had engaged in winemaking 150 years ago”, Zuka Maisashvili noted.

With the support of USAID and Crystal foundation, the young entrepreneur acquired new knowledge and obtained a financial component. Today Ghvinuka wines are sold in distribution networks and the young businessman plans to expand his business.

He has already received offers from various foreign countries. He also plans to launch a production of Rachian Vodka.