Posted: 4 months ago

Status of Wine Village Project- 75% of the Land Already Sold

75% of the land plots in the modern "Wine Village" under construction in Kvareli Municipality are already privately owned.

The project, which started in the fall of 2019, envisages the construction of a total of 50 houses and the improvement of the necessary infrastructure. Giorgi Begadze explains that at this stage the main infrastructural works are underway in the ethnic village, which will be completed by the end of 2022, and the construction of villas will be done according to the wishes of the landowners.

"An open-air public swimming pool has been added to the project, the construction of which has started, as well as a basketball court and sports infrastructure. Lighting is done on both streets. Arrangement works of the second street are underway. The vineyards are cultivated and we saw the first sign of the vine. By the end of 2022, the main infrastructure works will be completed.

To date, 6 villas have already been built and construction of 3 will start in the spring. 75% of the land has already been sold and only 25% is left vacant, although owners may decide to build houses later. The project went uphill and will be completed soon, "- said Giorgi Begadze, the founder of the company BEGA Project and the author of the ethnic-world project at

Giorgi Begadze also spoke about the investment cost of the project and explained that in 2021, in parallel with inflationary processes, due to the significant increase in the cost of construction materials, the cost of the project increased by about 25-30%.

Construction of Wine Village began in 2019 and in 2020 its investment cost increased from $ 3.5 million to $ 4 million. The cost of houses and land ranges from $ 60,000 to $ 100,000, while the area of houses ranges from 60 m2 to 120 m2. The concept of a modern ethnic village is to create a tourist-attractive village where ethnic and modern elements come together.