Posted: 2 years ago

Semi-Sparkling Jujuna Wine Enters Japanese Market

The first Georgian semi-sparkling wine company "Jujuna" has entered the Japanese market.The company was able to enter the Japanese market with the support of the agency "Produce in Georgia" and the Embassy of Georgia in Japan.

In the near future, the company "Jujuna" plans to enter the markets of Europe and the US.

"We are glad that with our support and the direct involvement of the Georgian Embassy in Japan, another Georgian company has been able to diversify its export market and establish itself as one of the largest in the world - the Japanese market. We are actively cooperating with Georgian embassies in different countries in order for Georgian companies and local products produced in Georgia to enter the world markets," said Mikheil Khidureli, head of the Produce in Georgia agency.

It is noteworthy that as part of the agency's export promotion program, the company will present its product at the International Exhibition of Beverages and Food at the Anuga in Cologne, where it will have the opportunity to meet with hundreds of potential customers.

Jujuna is a beneficiary of the Agency's "Produce in Georgia" program - a credit-guarantee mechanism, through which it was able to purchase equipment needed for bottling and packaging of wine.

The company currently employs 14 people.

"Jujuna" has been present on the Georgian market since 2018. The company buys the grapes needed for production from a local viticulturist in Kvareli and prepares the final product with the help and supervision of a prominent winemaker, Gogi Dakishvili.