Posted: 2 years ago

Rebranded Jujuna Enters Retail Market – Brand’s Response to Pandemic and Crisis

Only the strong can survive – those, who manage to get adapted to complicated realities faster. Unlike previous times, the current everyday life proves this consideration.

Many companies have suspended operations over the past 10 months. Though, some companies managed to successfully pass an adaptation period. Naturally, this is not plain sailing. semi-sparkling wine company jujuna is one of the similar successful businesses. From the very beginning, this company was introduced in an extraordinary form and its further operation continued in the same spirit.

The company met the second wave of the pandemic with rebranded philosophy and new packaging, with bottled wines that are sold at Euro Product. jujuna wines will also appear in its own network stores too. jujuna’s New Life jujuna has introduced its bottled wines. The brand’s new life started with several novelties – packaging, new logo Brand Book. Giorgi: in spring we quenched the short-term fire. This gave us financial and emotional motivation to enter an entirely new market.

We bottled jujuna wines in 250-gram containers. This is only one portion. The bottle has a beer tap – we wanted to make each component convenient and practical. Now you can have precisely one toast without opening the whole bottle. It will not be warned and regasified and this is a very important factor for wines. Vaska: this packaging, bottle, and new logo, as well as art direction and visual, were created by Giorgi Popiashvili. Based on all the mentioned novelties, jujuna’s strategy was reshaped anew, the brand’s platform was renewed and Brand Book was developed. We have worked in this direction together with More Studio. They say they will have more consecutive communication.

Giorgi: jujuna wine is the first semi-sparkling dry wine with natural sparkling and innovative form of supply. jujuna is a unique drink and various delicious cocktails are also made of it. Who we are: the brand meets its customers everywhere, where exceptional and unique bars, restaurants, festivals, cultural events, and other activities run.