Posted: 2 years ago

Racha Getting Ready for Vintage from First Half of October

Protecting the varietal accuracy and quality assurance of Khvanchkara PDO wine is one of the most important priority directions of the National Wine Agency. Special activities have already started in Racha to protect the quality and uniqueness of Khvanchkara.

Special checkpoints were set up at the entrances of the Racha region. All vehicles entering the region will be inspected to prevent grapes from being imported from other municipalities.

For the same purpose, at the beginning of the harvest, melographs will monitor the grapes to be delivered at all grape receiving points, so as not to mix with other raw varieties of Khvanchkara - Mujuretuli / Alexandrouli.

Along with the storage of the grape harvest, the first task remains to ensure the quality of Georgian wine, and in the case of Racha, especially the wine "Khvanchkara" and to maintain its unique characteristics.